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e-Commerce – Roll out your business online in 7 days!

According to a recent survey, India’s presence in the e-Commerce business by 2020 is expected to hit anywhere between $50-70 million. With the onset of rapidly developing internet and mobile connections, more people are resorting to shopping online on their mobile phones. This, in turn provides a major advantage for local e-Commerce stores to score high in small regions. With our work of operations in Kochi, Kerala, India, we are set to provide solutions for your e-Commerce websites at your convenience. You can now venture into selling online at a practical pace with our instant e-Commerce solutions  where we not only categorize your products, but also manage them smoothly in an inventory in the admin. You can also collect online payment using our payment gateway solutions, send promotions and offers to your customers time and again. Products and Services can be acquired online with appealing offers and discounts.

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Run your own customized website

Everyone and everything is connected in this modern day and age. The same can be said about every 1 in 3 businesses that function as result of either online reference or research. It has become customary for everyone to have a look at a company’s website before making a business decision. If you are to take your business to new heights, you have got to establish an online presence and that is where we come in. We will take into consideration your business requirements and suggest a static (cost effective) website or a dynamic website (if your website content changes often). With our workstation in Kochi, Kerala, India, we develop websites which are responsive (mobile & browser friendly) as well as adaptive to all devices. Our team of experts have also proven their mettle in WordPress Web Design, Interactive Web Design & Static Web Design.

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A new ray of hope for mobile application development in Kochi (Cochin)

Owning a smartphone is no longer a luxury and at the rate things are progressing on the mobile technology front, businesses will continue to scale sky-reaching heights with the development of new mobile apps catering to the specific needs of customers. As of now, there are two types of mobile apps in the multi-billion dollar industry: browser based and native apps. We now hold expertise in the iOS and Android platforms which contribute to more than 90% smartphone market share. Operating from Kochi, Kerala, India, we can propel you in getting your apps published in their respective app markets. For creating apps for your present systems, we adapt better styles for their performance. Our prowess in our skills help develop web services, which connects your app with online applications.

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Get the best out of Online Marketing – SEO for prime results

Marketing your products in just about the right manner at the right place and in the right time is the first step to getting your business established in the minds of the customers. In an ever expanding digital world, there have been substantial changes in the marketing approach by businesses over the passage of time. We, at ImagiNET Ventures Kochi, Kerala, India, not only do web designing, but also see to it that your business hits the right chord with the masses via internet marketing and, in turn fetching top search results for your websites. With relevant SEO techniques, we work towards elevating your website’s page rank in Google and other prominent search engines. Social media is one other service we have mastered that will get your business as well as marketing top results along with redefined visibility in the online sphere. Thus, more enquiries will follow suit and eventually more business.

The logo to announce your arrival and dominance

The logo you affix for your business not only establishes your identity, but also delivers a message you choose to convey to your customers with your brand. In short, a logo graphically illustrates about your venture and manifests an effective face value in the target market. Our expert graphic designers at ImagiNET Ventures in Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India, have been designing logos that leave a lasting impression catering your design requirements. In order to make this a reality, we provide a comprehensive design with a myriad of colors, shapes and typography to give you an idea about the best and effective look keeping in mind your company’s objective.

Brochure Designing

Apart from web designing, ImagiNET Ventures, Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India also undertakes conventional methodology of advertising, ie, brochure designing. A brochure explains the history, purpose and goals of the company which builds a trust relationship with existing and new customers, which in turn escalates the business.As per your requirements and company profile, we design brochures with exceptional clarity, creativity and pertinence. We ensure impeccable content, both verbal as well as graphical, is included in the brochure regarding your company in order to project a healthy and promising image and in turn attract more clients and customers.

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