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Web Design Company in Cochin,kerala

Web Design Kochi – Attractive websites at low cost

ImagiNET Ventures has years of rich experience in designing websites, apps and web applications. With a plush office at Kochi, Kerala, India, we have been doing web designing for over 850+ clients. We design all types of websites such as static, dynamic & e-Commerce. We specialize in developing websites as per client customization. Our web designing activities make use of latest tools & technologies that are in trend so that our clients can reap maximum benefits. ImagiNET Ventures also builds websites using WordPress, Magento & other such platforms. With a host of plugins & applications, we can provide as many features as required with customization as our forte. We also develop mobile apps both for Android & iOS platforms.

Web Design Company in Cochin,kerala

e-Commerce – Start selling online in 7 days!!

Sell your products/services online not only across the city but, across the country as well as the globe. With fast growing internet & mobile connectivity, more and more people turn to their screens for buying through e-Commerce stores. We provide cost effective solutions to develop e-Commerce websites. Start selling online quickly using our ready-made e-Commerce solutions, categorize your products, manage your inventory efficiently in Admin, collect online payment using our payment gateway solutions, send promotions and offers to your customers periodically. ImagiNET Ventures, Cochin, Kerala, India is your one stop destination for all e-Commerce needs. Our web designers will ensure the neatest work for your customized websites for e-Commerce business that can flourish in a matter of days.

Web Design Companies in Kochi

Get your own customised website

Today, most of the business and sourcing is preferred and done online in the form of websites. Hence, online presence for any entrepreneur is very essential. Any client/customer searches for your website, looks at your online presence before making decisions. A website for your business is mandatory and it’s the way to take your business forward. You can have a static (cost effective) website or a dynamic website (if your website contents changes often) depending on your business needs. We develop websites which are responsive (mobile and browser-friendly). We are experts in WordPress Web Design, Interactive Web Design & Static Web Design. ImagiNET Ventures at Cochin, Kerala, India boasts of web designers, who not only accommodate your needs but, also provide web designing suggestions to enhance the sophistication of your website.

iPhone Development in Kerala

Mobile application development Cochin

Browsing has reached new levels with the advent of smartphones. People browse while on the go! Hence its necessary for every website to have an equivalent mobile app so as to reach out to customers any time and anywhere. Therefore, mobile apps are the new mantra, which is a multi-billion dollar industry and all businesses are moving towards it. There are two types of mobile apps: hybrid and native apps. Our expertise is in iOS and Android platforms of mobile app development and can also help you in publishing your apps in their respective app markets. We can create apps for your existing systems and modify their style of performance. We have expertise to develop web services, which connects your app with online application.

Cochin Web Design

Online Marketing – Digital Marketing & SEO

Business is all about marketing your products in the right place and right time. In this cyber-adapted world, marketing techniques have gone through a sea of changes. We, at ImagiNET Ventures, Cochin, Kerala, India, not only do web designing but also ensure your business reaches people via internet marketing by yielding top search results for your websites. This is done by implementing relevant SEO techniques which improves the page rank for your website in Google and other relevant search engines. Thus, top results ensure more visibility and hence more enquiries and eventually more business. Further we employ digital marketing means to promote your website, products/services and in turn gain more brand visibility and website traffic. Posts, Ads & Updates on Facebook, Google AdWords both text and display ads can fetch a lot of momentum to your websites giving justice to the web designing efforts.

Web design Company Cochin

Logo designing

Logo is essential for any company as it gives it an unique identity and boosts the image and branding of the company. ImagiNET Ventures at Cochin, Kerala provides the option of logo designing for your company. Our designing not just restricted to web designing and brochure designing but also logo designing. We have the best of the graphic designers who analyze your requirements and design the logo with superior creativity and ideas. We provide a comprehensive design with myriad of colors, shapes and typography to project the best and effective look of your company aiming at highlighting your company’s objective. So ImagiNET Ventures in Cochin, Kerala, India can provide you with logo designing, brochure designing and web designing along with digital marketing as a total package for all your online enterprising requirements and solutions.

Mobile App Development in Cochin

Brochure Designing

Apart from web designing, ImagiNET Ventures, Cochin, Kerala, India, also undertakes conventional methodology of advertising, ie, brochure designing. As per your requirements and company profile, we design brochures with exceptional clarity, creativity and pertinence. Our designers ensure impeccable content, both verbal as well as graphical, is included in the brochure regarding your company in order to project a healthy and promising image and, in turn attract more clients and customers. Our designers use the most befitting images that include loads of creativity and ideas to give a unique concept for your company brochure.

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